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with CryptWit add-in for Outlook

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1. Install CryptWit

Download CryptWit from our site, or from, and Install

2. Compose Email

Compose a new email message in Outlook, or Reply to an existing message

3. Encrypt & Send

Click on Send Message with CryptWit button in Outlook. Done!

How it Works

CryptWit is a free email encryption software. It runs as a plug-in module for Outlook 2007, 2010, or 2013. It encrypts and compresses email message as well as all attachments, provided that attachments are less than 20Mb combined.

After CryptWit is installed, you will see the new Send Message button when you compose a new email message or reply to an email:

compose email

Upon first use, you will be prompted to enter the password to encrypt email correspondence:

password box

Your recipient receives the encrypted message:

yahoo mailbox

The recipient must know the correct password to the message:

enter password

Upon entering the correct password, the recipient can read the contents of the decrypted message:

message contents

* CryptWit does not send out any passwords, you have to deliver the message password to recipients yourself.

"With CryptWit, you can send any email messages in a secure fashion, without worrying that someone may intercept and read them."
Fred Barton,

CryptWit is developed by Pixel Transitions, LLC and is free for personal use. With any questions about the product, including its distribution or support, please contact us at To license the product for corporate use please contact us via